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    Disk Volumes Not Appearing After Adding Host


      On some of my hosts - windows or linux - the disk volumes are seen during the

      add or discover process.  I check the volumes I want to monitor and step through

      the next next.  But the problem is if I click on any of the new nodes nothing appears

      in the section "Disk Volumes".  If I run List Resources on the particular node it

      seems all the volumes.  But for some reason it doesn't wind up in its Node Details

      page.  Thoughts?

        • Re: Disk Volumes Not Appearing After Adding Host

          Check Disk Volumes is listed on the Node Details

          1. Login to Orion using an ADMIN account

          2. Go to Admin

          3. Manage Views

          4. Scroll down to Node Details then edit

          5. Check on the Resources either in any column if Disk Volumes is present. if not

          a. click plus button in reources in column 2

          b. expand Node Detail Reports, scroll down to Disk Volumes and check the box next to it then click submit.

          The steps above is considering that the problem is accross all nodes 


          You may also want to check Views by device type for possible web view depends on the object type.


          if all fail, consider opening a support ticket