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    IPAM Scanning Efficiency -- Is it getting it done?


      I'm wondering if there is a way to find the efficiency of the scanning for IPAM?  I'm doing some calculations based on IPAM reporting that it is taking on average ~0.3 minutes to complete an ICMP scan on one of my /24 subnets.  Which means I can do ~3 subnets/minute.  If the scans by default are set for every 4 hours (240 minutes), then IPAM can scan ~720 subnets during that period.  I've got 2000+ subnets, which means it is only getting about 1/3 of the way done before it wants to start up again.  I know I can go in and change the scanning frequency on some of my subnets that don't really change, although not all at once yet , but I still don't know effective IPAM is being on its scans.  In NPM, I can query the database and see the completion percentage for scans.  I haven't been able to find the equivalent for IPAM.

      The fact that it doesn't appear to be completing the scans in that 4 hour window makes me a bit leary about enabling SNMP scanning as that would put it even farther behind.

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          The Subnet Scan Status page will give you the status of the scans in queue, although it won't give you percentages.


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              I know that I can see the status of which subnets are being scanned at the moment and which ones are queued up and which ones are set to go at a certain time in the future.  I've got 15 pages of subnets that are queued and 26 pages that are scheduled for the future.  I would think that if it was completing all of my subnets in less than 4 hours, there would be less subnets queued up waiting to be scanned.

              I guess I was just looking for something similar to what I could find in NPM where I can query the database and get the Polling Completion values or use the Polls Per Second Tuning application to tweak it if needed.  I did find that after installing IPAM and letting it run for a week or so, that the Polls Per Second Tuning app, said that I needed to increase my values on the server that IPAM is installed on.