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    Can you opt to use older line graph styles anywhere?

      Can we in a view, or through HTML options get graphs to be drawn using the older line style instead of the (not for the visually impaired) thin line & dot style?

      People find the new graphs are difficult to see, especially when senior management (CIO & Exec Dirs) review them daily projected on a wall.  The fine lines are nowhere nearly as clear as previous style.  In an absolutely bizarre decision by the product developers, the annoying trend line that I immediately got rid of is so thick it obscures the faint lines that represent actual data.   Clearly, they should be reversed, data should be bold line and trending a thin line.  However, I've found those types of corrections will never make it into a product once it is out in the public. 

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          While I can't help you, I agree with all you have said.  Were you able to globally disable the Trend lines?  I have been doing it manually when I see it.

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              No, but I haven't had much time.  I was hoping I'd find an answer on the forum.  I've been struggling with several issues (including support cases outside of this Solarwinds upgrade).  We also have a problem with SW not being able to talk to 4006s properly ever since the upgrade to 9.1.   The SNMP polling changed and older 4006s are too slow (in this environment) apparently to be polled properly.  We loose ports, discoveries weren't completing and we haven't had CPU & Memory since we left 8.5 behind.   Still working with TechSupp on that one.  The upgrade to 9.5 was part of the solution path--helped some, but introduced other issues, which we found solutions for.  Discoveries are completing now that they've forced tasks from System Manager to the Web page.  Port polling has improved--I have to audit all 20 4006s to prove that out.  But CPU & Memory are still dead.

              9.1 & 9.5 were bad upgrades for us.  7.x & 8.x were easy.