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    Planned Maintenance / Bulk Supression




      I did try to locate this, but no luck.

      When we have remote sites that are going to be down via planned / unplanned outages, we have no way to unmanage every device in one fell swoop.  Is there any way to do this seamlessly from Atlas (feature request???) or via NPM (feature request???)

      If a remote office has 2 Junipers, 2 3750s, and 16 2950s with countless servers, etc - we have to unmanage every single device.  Many times, we just send an email and tell folks that get alerts to ignore the down messages.  It takes way too much time to unmanage every node.

      We do have an HPOV bulk supression tool to do it in one shot - is there such a beast for Solarwinds?  We're trying hard to get off of HPOV, we're hoping this is something doable.

      Thanks!  And if there is a way thats already integrated, please let me know.   I'm no SQL whiz, so that can't be an option unless I am being walked thru it from start to finish. 

      Take care.

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          Using either a predefined or created custom property, you can assign an appropriate location value to each managed node, and then use it in Web Node Management to un/manage nodes on a site-by-site basis.

          The following is a general procedure to accomplish and use such a configuration:

          1. Using an account with administrative privileges, log in to your Orion Web Console.
          2. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Grouping and Access Control > Custom Property Editor.
          3. Create a custom property for distinguishing each of your various remote locations. For more information about creating custom properties and assigning values, see "Creating Custom Properties" in the SolarWinds Orion NPM Administrator Guide.
            Note: You should only have to do the assignment once, and then as a single fill-in-the-blank step on each subsequent device addition.
          4. Click Admin in the Views toolbar, and then click Manage Nodes in the Node Management grouping.
          5. In the Group by dropdown, select the custom property you just created, and then click the custom property corresponding to the devices you are trying to unmanage.
          6. Check tne Select All checkbox in the node list header.
          7. Click Unmanage.
          8. Define your maintenance window, and then click OK.

          For more information about Web Node Management, see "Managing Devices in the Web Console" in the SolarWinds Orion NPM Administrator Guide.