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    Trap Alerting


      I have some trap alerts working, but I need to get more detailed on the trap and the alert that is sent. 

      Here is an example of a trap I'm trying to alert on:

      12/15/2009 5:01 PM : UPS-MIB:upsTraps.0.4  SNMP Trap

           Received Time:12/15/2009 5:01:03 PM



           Variable Bindings

                sysUpTime:= 25 days 15 hours 45 minutes 59.06 seconds (221675906)

                snmpTrapOID:= UPS-MIB:upsTraps.0.4 (

                upsAlarmId.2:= 2



                snmpTrapEnterprise:= UPS-MIB:upsTraps (


      If I right click on the alert in the viewer and create a trap, I'll end up with an alert that will fire bsaed on snmpTrapOID of  What I really want is to alert on the upsAlarmDescr of 


      How do I reference the variable binding directly?  Or I don't even mind alerting if is contained anywhere in the trap message. 


      It seems like it should be pretty simple. 


      Can anyone help?