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    Getting Real-Time Netflow Analyzer set up

      I am trying to get the Real-time analyzer set up. I've entered the following command in our 12.2(33) 6506.

      mls netflow interface

      mls flow ip interface-full
      mls nde sender version 5
      ip flow-export source loopback 0

      ip flow-export destination x.x.x.xx 2055
      ip flow-export version 9
      int vlan200
      ip flow ingress
      ip flow egress



      When I open Real-Time analyzer I see interface 258 and 254 (see attachment). I have no ideal of where these numbers come from or why there are 2, I am only sending netflow from vlan 200. If I highlight interface 258 and start flow capture I do see data. Just don't understand where the 258 and 254 come from and if I'm missing data by only capturing on interface 258. Any ideals?