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    NCM Policy Reporter Compliancy reports feature requests.

    juan kaliente

      I opened a ticket on this, and was told to post a feature request.  (NCM 5.5)

      I run a number of HP and Cisco Switch compliancy reports, the Rules/Reports work but
      a few things to make better:

      1.  Output the reports in Alphabetical or by IP address.   Currently the report comes out in an unsorted list of nodes in the device group.

      2. Be able to generate a compliancy % or counts.. example, I run 10 rules for compliancy, but only get the critical/warning/info colored icons across each report rules per node.  Would be nice to generate a total number that meets all the rules, which % or # does not, etc.

      For now, I have to run the compliancy reports, cut/paste the output into XLS spreadsheet,  then sort, then manually count which nodes are compliant against the rules.

      3. Not able to print anything from the NCM web.  I had to build my own webserver to post the htm and xls file outputs out of NCM such as compliancy, inventory, etc. so users can view and print the files. 

      I'm trying to get rid of Cisco LMS, but these and other issues with NCM prevents this.