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    Problems With APC SNMP Vendor/Machine Type Strings


      Hi all, I'm trying to monitor a number of APC devices including UPSs, NetBotz, PDUs and ATSs. While I can successfully SNMP poll these devices and add them to the system I'm struggling to display useful information from them in Orion NPM due to them incorrectly reporting their Vendor and Machine Type strings and the way Orion NPM assigns views to devices.

      I have:

      • UPSs reporting an 'Unknown' vendor
      • NetBotz 320s reporting 'APC NetBotz' as Vendor and 'APC NetBotz Appliance' as Machine Type
      • A variety of different ATSs, PDUs, UPSs and NetBotz 200 reporting both Vendor and Machine Type as 'American Power Conversion Corp.'
      Obviously this makes it very difficult for me to create custom device views that only contain the charts I need for each of these device types when the system struggles to differentiate between them. I've already updated the firmware on all devices so I see I've got two options:
      • get APC to fix there firmwares to correctly report this information (I can hear someone muttering "Good luck with that!")
      • somehow bodge the devices' entries in the Orion NPM database to be more useful
      Any suggestions on  how to proceed with this?