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    Additional web server...


      We are looking at adding an additional polling engine and web server.  The hard part to swallow is having a dedicated server used for the web front end.  Can I share the web server with other applications, or should we plan on dedicating it to Solarwinds?

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          There shouldn't be an issue with using other apps on the server as long as the server can handle the load you are going to place on it.  As far as SolarWinds products, just make sure you don't try to install the web server and polling engine on the same server.  The installers will have issues and one will try and overwrite the other.

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              I would make it seperate.  It does not have to be a high horsepower box and a VM would easily do.  Otherwise every issue you have you will question the web server.  Just my 2 cents.

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                  We run an additional web server on the database server, which seems to work well.

                  Our database server has a lot of spare CPU available (we find Orion on the SQL Server is memory heavy but fairly CPU light on a decent multi processor/multi core machine).

                  It also removes any latency issues between the web server and database server (and with many small http requests, this can make a difference).


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                      Are you still configured this way?  We need to optimize our web server and I just want to move some things around to take some load off my main Orion server.  I have a main server with 32 CPU and 32Gb, two VM pollers a VM NCM server and a 16 CPU 48GB SQL server that holds our 120Gb database.

                      I'm not to good with web placement so Im looking for opinions on the best way to lay this out.  First idea is to drop it on the NCM server....

                      Thanks for any comments!!