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    Alert Suppression on multiple conditions, a generic configuration?

      I have 40 sites and want to limit the amount of advanced alerts I have created for each site. 
      I've attached the flow of what I'm looking to accomplish, and I've done this by creating 40
      seperate advanced alerts, mulitply by 3 for "business hours", "after hours", & "weekend".

      I'd like to reduce the amount of Advanced Alerts configured to 3 from 120.

      Just wondering if anyone has done this and if so, how?

      More info:
      If the core (NE) router is down, suppress ALL alerts.
      If the remote (FE) router is down, suppress alerts for Nodes behind it.

      All routers follow a strict naming convention , i.e.  ROUTER CORE, ROUTER REMABC, ROUTER REMXYZ, etc.
      For the core suppression, I can do Node Name is equal to ROUTER CORE
      For the remote site compression, I can do Node Name starts with ROUTER REM

      My issue is I'm trying combine this into 1 advanced alert and I'm stuck.