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    Custom Poller to Custom Property:  How To Link Them (or how to use Custom Poller output on Reports)


      Excuse my lack of thorough knowledge with custom pollers, but I have spent a few hours on this and am not getting anywhere.   I searched the forums and did not find an answer to this question, so here it goes:

        I snmpwalked a specific OID from my Linux box, and the variable responds with the data 100%.  It provides the serial number for the device (. ).   All good to here.  

      I created a custom poller for this OID, applied it to the devices from which I need this data.  All good to here.

      Now I want to run a report showing all the serial numbers for these devices, which we desperately need (else it needs to be done by hand, ugh).  However, when I go to Report Writer, I cannot find my custom poller as one of the fields available in the Select Fields tab.  I can see there are Custom Properties for the Nodes, however.  So I open up Custom Properties, and try to add a new property to be populated by my Custom Poller  (ie:   link the custom poller to a custom property so it can be used on reports and such).  But this apparently cannot be done, or at least I am not seeing how to make that link on the Custom Properties application.  

      When I go to Report Writer, I cannot see my Custom Poller as one of the fields in the "Select Fields" tab.  So how do I get that custom poller output onto a report??


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            No, I dont believe there is a way to use custom properties on reports.  It would seem possible based on SQL, after all the custom properties reside in the database, right?   However, the developers have not created an interface to link the two things together _that I know of_ anyway.    :(

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                You can do this by creating a report of "current status of nodes, interfaces etc." then select the "Custom Pollers (current status)/custom Node Pollers/Poller name" along with the other fields you require.

                The trick to making this work is to then filter the records "where Poller name is equal to [put serial number poller name here]"

                This will generate the report you are looking for, however the best way to do do this is with an SQL report, and write the query manually.  This should get you what you want:


                SELECT NodeID, NodeName, CAST(Status AS varchar) AS Serial_Number, FROM
                        SELECT TOP 10000 Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID, Nodes.Caption AS NodeName, CustomNodePollerStatus_CustomPollerStatus.Status as Status
                        FROM Nodes INNER JOIN CustomPollerAssignment CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment
                                ON Nodes.NodeID = CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.NodeID
                                INNER JOIN CustomPollers CustomNodePollers_CustomPollers
                                ON CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPollerID = CustomNodePollers_CustomPollers.CustomPollerID
                                LEFT JOIN CustomPollerStatus CustomNodePollerStatus_CustomPollerStatus
                                ON CustomNodePollerAssignment_CustomPollerAssignment.CustomPollerAssignmentID = CustomNodePollerStatus_CustomPollerStatus.CustomPollerAssignmentID
                        WHERE  CustomNodePollers_CustomPollers.UniqueName = '[put serial number poller name here]'
                        ORDER BY NodeName ASC
                ) A