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    Multihop telnet or ssh


      The telnet button in the router view is very usefull, but we use it from the HTTP client and not directly from the server and our working network can not communicate with the management network. It would be nice to implement an option to indicate that for a telnet (or ssh) Orion has to telnet (or ssh) another IP address and from there to perform the telnet (or ssh) to the destination node).

      You indicate the IP address and the credentials of the intermediate machine and each time you click on the telnet button, it will connect first to this intermediate machine and from there to the destination...

      Is it something already requested or planned? Is it possible?



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          I have asked about this already as well.

          It is possible as it already is implemented into Kiwi CatTools, it is not currently implemented into Orion or Toolset.

          It has been requested by a few but I dont think it is planned for implementation yet.