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    How many routers do I have?

      Hello all!

      I had a question from my management earlier, which was 'how many of each device are active on the network?'.  Due to the scale of the network, I don't add all devices to NPM, but rather use IPAM to see if a device is present or not.  I can do a search for 'cisco' for example, and it will come back with 230 entries, around half of which are transient.  I thus have to go through the results list and add up all the active entries. 

      Is there any quick way to do so that I can rapidly find out how many of device X are active on the system?

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          So I am going to throw out a few recommendations for you.

          1. Not sure if you have seen NCM, see here
          2. You could create a report using Report Writer that looks for only Cisco and Used
          3. You could take the Top 10 Subnets by % Used and edit it using the SQL filter functionality to show device usage by subnet