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    Per Second “ICMP Ping” polling in NPM is it possible


      Hey guys I have been looking at ipmonitor and this allows you to ping a device every second to see if it’s up or down and if it’s down it will send a alert with no delay ! So you know within 2 or 3 seconds when something fails which is VERY impressive.


      In NPM I can only set the polling for a device to be 10 seconds then it sits in waiting for 60 seconds as a warning stage and then the minimum alert delay is 15 seconds so the total turnaround time between a device going down is closer to 85 seconds!


      How can you or is it possible to fine tune a device in NPM to poll specific devices every second? So you can get an alert out as QUICKY as possible as 85 seconds is WAY TO long compared to the 2 seconds IP Monitor takes.


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