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    Reboot Server Alerts

      I have looked through the forums and support site but no one as clearly stated how to get IpMonitor to send an alert whenever a device (Windows, Linux, etc) has been rebooted.  Is there a simple way to get this done in IpMonitor?

      If so, how?




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          Hello Kris,

          The best and easiest way to monitor if a system has rebooted is probably to monitor the System Up Time.  Here's how:

          1. Within the ipMonitor web interface, click the "Devices" tab
          2. Click on "All Managed Devices"
          3. Click on the Device in question you wish to Monitor.
          4. Click "Add -> Add New Monitor"
          5. Within the left-hand pane, click "SNMP"
          6. Within the right-hand pane, click "Custom SNMP (Wizard)".
          7. Ensure that the address and the SNMP community name of the system you wish to monitor are correct.
          8. Replace the current OID with

          10. Click "Next"
          11. Next to SysUptime value, click the "Select" button. 
          12. Set the threshold to pass if greater (>) than 15 minutes.

          As a result, the Monitor will fail and Alert if the System Uptime is 15 minutes or less.

          Hope this gives you what you need.  If anyone else has a different method to accomplish this, please feel free to share.


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