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    IPAM 1.6 Release Candidate


      The IPAM 1.6 Release Candidate is ready!  We'd like to offer IPAM customers on maintenance the opportunity to get a first look at the new features in 1.6.  They are:

      • Multi-edit - you can now edit multiple IPs simultaneously
      • Bulk subnet import - you can now import multiple subnets simultaneously
      • URL custom fields - you can now create a custom field with a URL as a value instead of text\
      • Support for /31 and /32 subnets

      For a detailed explanation of Release Candidates and why they're important check out the latest Orion Product Blog post Why Should I Care About Release Candidates?.

      If you're interested in checking out the IPAM 1.6 Release Candidate, detailed instructions are in the IPAM Release Candidate Forum Orion IPAM 1.6 Release Candidate.

      Tip: If you install the Release Candidate in your production environment and post to the Release Candidate forum about your upgrade experience, we'll send you a sweet t-shirt!