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    Orion IPAM 1.6 Release Candidate



      Thanks for your interest in taking the latest Release Candidate of Orion IPAM.  The RC is ready for you to check out.  There are a few things to note about the RC.  First, this is a production-ready build, and can be installed in your production environment.  In fact, we want you to install it in production, and tell us about your upgrade experience on thwack. 


      If you decide to install the RC, you will be one of the first recipients of 1.6.  Because you'll be one of the first, Product Management (myself) and Engineering will be actively monitoring your posts and engaging with you about any feedback you have.  We are providing this additional level of support for a couple of reasons.  First, your feedback is very important to us.  Second, we know it’s impossible to anticipate every issue during a production upgrade, so we are making ourselves available to quickly assist you with any unexpected issues you may encounter during the upgrade process.  In addition, this is a fully supported build, so our Support staff will be available to you as well.


      Now to the fun stuff; what's in 1.6?  New features include:

      • Multi-edit - you can now edit multiple IPs simultaneously
      • Bulk subnet import - you can now import multiple subnets simultaneously
      • URL custom fields - you can now create a custom field with a URL as a value instead of text


      If you're an IPAM customer on maintenance and you're interested in installing the RC, shoot me an email at craig.mcdonald@solarwinds.com.  Also, we promised a t-shirt as part of the deal.  In order to get the t-shirt, make a post on thwack describing your upgrade experience, and we'll send you a t-shirt!  We may ask you to do a GoTo Meeting with us too.