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    Custom Report Containing UnDP Data


      I've been playing around with several new UnDP's that all seem to work fine, but if I can't easily report off of those UnDP's they don't do me a whole lot of good. Can someone please explain to me how I can include this data in a custom report?

      Example: I'm polling the Del service tag numbers from all of our Dell servers. I want to create a report that shows the server name, IP Address, Location and service tag. Can this be done without using a SQL query?

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          Well, I think I may have answered my question, but found what might be a glitch. The only way I'm able to get the service tags to display is if I select "Current Status of Nodes, Interfaces, etc" instead of "Historical - Custom Pollers" as the report type.

          If then select Custom Poller (Current Status) > Custom Node Pollers > Status, I get the service tag to display. However, as soon as I try to sort the Node Names, the service tags chagne to the state of the device (Up, Down, Unmanaged..etc). Is there a reason for this?