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    Cisco ASA netflow not exporting flows from Insie Interface.


      I have a slightly odd issue. I have a pair of 5520 ASA's configured in Active / Standby mode. They are currently setup to export network on a global policy, using any / any.

      I'm receiving flows from all the interfaces (I think), with the exception of the Inside interface. All of the other Interfaces are setup as sub-interfaces, with unique vlans. However the Inside interface is setup with no subinterfaces and using the Native Vlan.

      The ASA's are connected to a pair of 6513 switches. I know that the switchport access vlan on the switch ports that the ASA's are connected to is VLAN919, and that the ports aren't configured as trunks, so there is no way to set the native vlan for those ports on the switch.

      I know that I can setup a sub-interface on my ASA, vlan 919 so that the ports match, but I'd rather not reconfigure the ASA to that degree if I can avoid it. And I'm not particularly in the mood to do it if that isn't the problem.

      Does anyone have any ideas?