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    Wrong Graphs Displayed for Node / Interface details


      Hi Guys, just hoping for input before I open up a support ticket.


      1) In my node details view, the Average Response Time and Packet Loss chart is displaying data for the wrong date. For example, today is Dec 7, and the view for all of the nodes displays data for Nov 9. When I click on the chart to create a custom graph, the custom date is already populated with 11/9/2009 9:00 AM


      2) In the interface details view, the chart labeled Min/Max/Average bps In/Out chart actually displays the Total Errors/Discards every 10 Minutes chart


      Both of these issues are the same for all of my nodes. I can get the right details out of the admin console on the NPM server. Running NPM 9.5 SP4


      Thanks for your input.