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    Monitor process cpu time.

      The technical support ask me to post my suggestion here for maybe be be address on a future release....thanks.

      Hi, we just install mcafee antivitus, antispyware on all our servers and I want to monitore these process in particular the cpu load that they are using. Example. I want to receive an email when the mcshield.exe process is using more than 20 % of cpu time. Can it be done in orion APM or ONPM ? I've already setup many alerts with email alerting and all is going well but with this one, I just don't know what to monitor.

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          I take it you don't know which process or service to monitor? If not, you might want to try your hand at the Application Discovery wizard to see if it will help. Otherwise, you'll need to use the Find Processes, Services and Performance Counters wizard to help narrow down the relevant processes for the antivirus and antispyware software.