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    Syslog viewer Timeout



      I'm having a problem with viewing certain log messages in NPM syslog viewer. I currently have a device that was sending out moderate/high amounts of syslog messages since last Fri (aprox 2 million in total). The problem is I am unable to search for any of its log messages that are dated before today.

      I know they exist in the Database and the total amount of messages because I can see them when I search the Syslog table in the Database manager. But I cannot find them via Syslog viewer. I am using the same IP address in both searches.

      I have searched devices in the past with much higher log outputs than this devices. I have searched devices previously that were forwarding 1 million messages an hour with no major issues. I have been keeping the searches as simple as possible adjusting the 'maximum number of messages to display' from 10 to 100,000 but I still recieve the timeout either way.

      Any suggestions would be welcome