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    Adding Router Dependency to 900 devices


      I would like to add the routers that we have as an dependency to the devices/servers that are on the same subnet. The easiest way I see for me to do this is to go to each subnet group and add the router as an dependency to the servers in that subnet group, but when doing so the router does not get added to the devices. Is there a way to get this completed without having to go to each server and add the router? Just to note alot of my servers are on different subnets etc.

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          Hello zdalley,

          In order to accomplish this, simply group the Devices that share the same subnet and then add the Ping Monitor to the router as a Dependency to the group.  As a result, if any Monitors fail within the Devices contained in this Group, the status of the Ping Monitor will be verified before any Alerts/Actions are triggered.

          Note: Don't forget to set the Ping Monitor to the Router to test twice as often as the Monitors.  Otherwise, some Monitors could fail before the Ping Monitor.

          Hope this helps,

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