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    HP ILO


      Does anyone have a custom  HTML or know how to input a URL to get an HP ILO (Integrated Lights Out) web page up for an associated Server in the associated server's Nodes Detail Page?

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          Hi Breclawm--

          If I'm understanding your question correctly, you would:

          1. Go to your Custom HTML resource and click Edit.
          2. Add the HTML text including your URL.
          3. Click Submit.
          4. If you are viewing the web console in IE, you will need to click on the Resource Title name to view resource. This is due to how IE works (in this case, doesn't) with Java Script. 

          SW Development is aware of the problem. If this is a show stopper, open a support ticket here.

          Note: In order to receive technical support, you will need to be current on your SolarWinds maintenance. Complete the form. You will not be able to upload your Orion diagnostics, but you will receive an email back that allows you to upload diagnostics.

          Let me know if this helps you,


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            Since iLo are separate ip addresses then their associated servers, we created a dedicated page.