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    Incomplete recovery of backup



      Hi everybody,

      First, I’m sorry for my English. I guess that it will be understandable.

      I currently have a problem to recover a backup on one of my RedLine.
      I set an activity for all my RedLine and the backup doesn’t work
      onlyon one of them.
      After a quick look up, I found that the upload on the tftp server takes much time (more than 35 seconds).
      I try to export the configuration when I write my command directly on my equipment, and it works correctly (with 49 seconds, this is a big config

      So during the activity, the created file (Redline.cfg) is not entirely saving (almost 70%). I try to fix it with Setup but it doesn't work (don’t stop on error, tftp timeout …).

      I was thinking that this lake of time corresponds to the script's time out. Maybe my backup takes to much time for him. But how can I fix it easily?

      Above, the info logs:

      09:13:20 Login to RedLine was successful

      09:13:20 Waiting for an echo of export config tftp://myIP/... command

      09:13:20 Waiting for a response to : export config tftp://myIP/...

      09:13:51 Did not receive expected response to command: export conf…

      09:13:51 Command results: 1 of 1, 0

      09:13:51 Disconnecting from RedLine

      The type of this activity: Device.CLI.Send commands

      The device Output:

                  export config tftp://myIP/...

      negotiated TFTP blocksize is 8192 bytes...

      Failed: Socket error: timed out waiting for response from server.

      I hope that someone can help my...