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    TFTP server crash

      I can use TFTP server with an user member of "administrators" group, however, if the user is only member of "users" groups the aplication crashes at start.


      I have tried to give access to this user to every folder related with "solarwinds", but it does not work

      Any idea?


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          Katraska - make sure you are using the latest version of the TFTP server.  If you are, you should be getting an entry in the event log explaining the reason for the crash.  You can also use ProcessMonitor from Microsoft to watch the file access for "access denied" events.



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            Are you referring to the user running the TFTP Server GUI application, or have you configured the TFTP Service to use a specific user account?



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                i am using version

                I have installed the program with local administrator. If you run it with this account it works perfect, but when a "user" tries to run the application appears an error:

                "TFTPServer has detected an error and must close" (sorry is a translation from spanish)

                The service Solarwinds TFTP Server is configured to initiate manually, and with system local account.

                An error is generated in the event viewer every time i try to run the application with a simple user:

                "Event type clr20r3, P1 tftpserver.exe, P2, P3 488a3838, P4 system drawing, P5, P6 4333aeaf, P7 14e, P8 d2, P9 amag3aacmawg2xaf344u21acve5pstk, P10 NIL"

                Origin: ".NET Runtime 2.0 Error reporting"

                Event id: 5000


                thank you for your help