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    Orion NPM Reports page

      I can see we have a heap of default reports available to us. But these reports do not show up in the Web Console. Where should they show up? Under the Reports link?

      I have verified that all the reports have the "make this report available from the orion website" tickbox enabled. But i still cannot see any reports on the web view.


      Any Suggestions?

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          Check under Admin>Account Lists, and in the last column (Report Folder) do you have \Reports
          If not then edit your account; Report folder setting is near the bottom 

          Then check your Orion server to make sure that the Reports are in
          C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports

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              Hi friends,

              I am completely new here and to Orion/Solarwinds. I am trying to make use of the report feature and I have checked the settings as described in this topic. Everything is the way it should be, but Orion returns a "Website Error".

              Your specific error is: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1 position 1.
              Thought I would ask here quickly while I continue my search for enlightenment.