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    Live weather map issues - NPM 9.5 SP3


      Hey everybody, I'm hoping that someone else has run into this issue and hopefully has come up with a solution.

      I have had the live weather map running for quite some time now with out any issue, that is until a couple of months ago.... I'm getting the message on the map stating "Dynamic back round failed to load" with a red backround. It's not a show stopper because all of the links on the map still work, it just looks crappy when the message does appear. This is not an occurrence that happens all of the time.


      Thanks in advance.


      Ron J

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          The linked background may not load from following reasons:

          1. the background picture is not available on the specified URI

          2. the background picture is available but the format is not compatible with maps

          3. the web server cannot connect to the specified URI

          I suggest following these steps to find the cause of your issue:

          1. check whether the URI is available as image in your browser and it is GIF (not animated), JPEG, PNG, or BMP

          2. check whether the picture is available on the server

          3. if it is not, check connection, firewall, and whether a proxy is used.

          If none of these helps, please contact our support.