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    Email alerts


      We are using Orion NPM 9.5 SP5 and monitor our LAN nodes and another regional office over a WAN link.  We have no money to add anything in the remote office and I'm worried should the WAN link go down we will get millions of emails as the NPM can't communicate with these nodes anymore.  I fear it will create a DOS against our SMTP server, are there any ideas around this?

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          If you go over to the Content Exchange, there is an Alert Suppresion entry in there.  I have not tried it on 9.5, but may be what you are looking for.

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            I'm a little confused.  If you're not managing devices at your remote site through Orion, then you shouldn't be able to alert off of them.

            One suggestion for monitoring connectivity with your remote site is the IP SLA Monitor free tool.  You can create an IP SLA test using one of your managed nodes as the source, and target a device at the remote site.

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