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    Custom resource in 9.5


      Pardon me for this post but I haven't found the answer yet.... I have just upgraded one of my servers to 9.5 and am having a hard time with a custom resource we were using in 9.1.

      The custom resource is a modified 03-DownNodes.Resource with just a few more fields in it.

      I initially noticed when I upgraded to 9.5 it no longer showed on the Home page. When I went to add it I did not see but one 'Down Nodes' where in 9.1 I would see several. I have look in the following location and tried to copy and modify the existing '03-DownNodes.Resource' but see no difference.



      I have also tried to rename them to a .aspx - same thing - they do not show up in my resource list.

      Can someone shed a light on where these resources are being pulled from and how to modify them in 9.5.

      Thanks in advance!