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    NTA 3.5



      I have just completed setting up NPM 9.5  SP5 and NTA 3.5 SP2 on the following server specs:

      Newly build Web server using windows 2003 standard  with the updated SP2, runnning on 4GB RAM, 15kRPM 90Gig HD RAID  10. NIC 1 public IP Address behind Cisco PIX, NIC 2 private IP Address VLAN 700 (for SQL traffic and management only)
      Newly build SQL server using windows  2008 64 standard with the updated SP2, SQL 2008 64 standard,  runnning on 14GB RAM, 15kRPM 170Gig HD RAID  10. NIC 1 and 2 Teamed with private IP Address VLAN 700 (for SQL to Web traffic and managementonly).

      Right now, I have netflow traffic pointing to the Web servers private IP Address because I haven't applied the rules to allow netflow traffic to come in via the Web servers public IP Address. Netflow is not a IP Inspect type of traffic where it is initiated by the Web server on the inside interface of the PIX.

      Since netflow is going to be coming into the outside interface of the PIX constantly, I need to create a policy and would like to know what ports I need to open for this flow?