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    Working with Nexus 1000v, 4.0(4)SV1(1)

      I am having difficulties in integrating the NTA 3.5 SP2 with Nexus 1000v, from the packet capture on NTA machine, i could see there is incoming UDP traffic to port 2025. However the netflow data was not processed by the NTA. I have enabled the interface on 1000V as netflow source from the NTA web page (when i check the box next to the interface in the netflow source page, i found they are in grey colour).

      My 1000V VSM configuration is as follow:


      flow exporter Orion
      description Orion NTA 3.5 SP2
      dscp 2
      source mgmt 0
      transport udp 2025
      version 5
      option exporter-stats timeout 1200
      template data timeout 1200

      flow monitor OrionFM
      description Orion Flow Monitor
      exporter Orion
      record netflow-original

      port-profile vlan123
      ip flow monitor OrionFM input
      ip flow monitor OrionFM output


      Have i missed anything in the configuration? Thank you!