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    custom icons in Atlas



      I'd like to show my devices with product like icons (e.g. 2960 Cisco Switch) in maps.

      So I created different icons, named, saved (as gif) and imported them like descripted here.

      It looks fine in Atlas, I can use the new icons like expected. But on the Web Console I only see green rectangles with a small colored point on the lower right side.
      What's wrong?

      And how will the appearance be 'calculated?
      There seems to be two ways to show the status of an object:

      • there are 9 different images for different states (up, down, ...)
      • there are settings for appearance under properties of an object (e.g. tri color, X overlay, ..)

      I'm a little bit confused about this.

      Thanks for help and explanation.


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          Hmmmm Mr gut--

          I don't know what to tell you so I'll leave it open to the community. Also, I found a NPM - Cisco Network icons + HP Server Icons that addresses icons. I'm hoping it will help you.

          Let me know,


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            if you followed the steps correctly, you should have imported the custom graphics in the database. The 9 different statuses will be used when the tri-color shape is chosen and the actual custom graphic is selected for a node.

            If this works correctly in the Network Atlas application, it should also work on the website. If you still see only a green square on a map on the web, that means that the website does not have proper rights to access the system's TEMP directory (usually c:\windows\temp) where the pictures are synchronized for the website. Setting proper rights and/or setting the identity of the website process to Local System might help. You can also contact our support to help you resolve the issue.

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                so, what I found ...

                the web server couldn't find the images. That was the reason why there was only a green rectangle.

                I found that it works well if you copy the images to C:\Program Files (x86)\Solarwinds\Orion\Network Atlas\Maps\NetObjects\User Graphics instead of C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\SolarWinds\NetworkAtlas\Maps\Orion\localhost\NetObjects\User Graphics

                And it works with wmf, gif and jpg files.

                Next I tried to test if the warning icon will be displayed when the node comes into warning state. To test this I set the metric Average Response Time to a value lower than actual value. To my surprise the icon didn't change but the colored point on the lower right corner changed to yellow and the tooltip says Object status is up, one or more child objects are in warning state - strange.
                And in the Web Console the same, but with the tool tip: Object status is up, one or more child objects are in unplugged state - more strange

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                    You should not copy your custom graphics to the Program Files folder. This way the custom graphics will not be synchronized to the database and other users connecting with NA from remote computers will not be able to see them. Also, it may cause unexpected errors and issues with database synchronization.

                    If you have more than one user working with NA, I suggest removing the pictures from the Program Files folder and contacting our support instead.