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      Hi I'm having a spot of bother when trying to stream the videos in the certification site. When I attempt to stream using my windows box here in work it has only played once and since then it is unable to connect.

      I tried at home on my mac using Quicktime and the same thing happened. Any idea why I am unable to watch them?

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          Hi Ciaran,

          I'm sorry you are having these issues, and am not sure why the videos are giving you problems?  I haven't had any other reports of this issue, and wonder if it's a geography issue. 

          Where are you located?

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              I'm located in Dublin Ireland. Streaming videos is normally an issue for me. I have 6 meg broadband at home and we have leased lines and TenGig links off our campus at work.

              At first I just thought it was being blocked by some form of security but the other morning I managed to get one to play but I haven't been as lucky since. If I'm the only one experiencing it then it's likely that's it's something on my end that's causing it.

              I'm going for the certification after Christmas is there any way I could download the video files?

              Also are the questions in the prep guide of similar difficulty as what I can expect in the exam? I ask because I went through them the other day and I only got one question wrong. I'm just concerned as I don't want to go into the exam underprepared expecting questions of a similar difficulty to find out that the questions in the exam are much more difficult and I'm totally unprepared.


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                  You can download the videos, but it reqires them 1st opening up in Media Player.  They don't have to stream through 100% though.  The last entry in the FAQ list explains how to download the .wmv files to your local system.

                  The prep guide questions were developed along with the exam questions.  We had a very large pool of questions to start, and through the beta process, trimmed the list down to a subset for the actual exam.  Questions we did not use on the exam, but did pass the pshycometric eval process, were used for the prep guide.  So yes, they are of similar difficulty of those on the exam.

                  Good luck to you!