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    Sending Traps to CA Spectrum

      I am using NPM to monitor hosts for Up/Down and sending alerts to our CA Spectrum implementaiton which is our gateway to autogenerate tickets in our CA Unicenter tool.

      the following is a sanitized version of a trap sent to Spectum

       Model URL : <Polling Server>

        Severity :

      Created On : Nov 23, 2009 11:43:30 AM CST

            Name : <removed>

           Event : Unknown alert received from device <Polling Server> of type Host_Device. Device Time 0+00:00:00. (Trap type

                   Trap var bind data:

                   OID:  Value:  0

                   OID:  Value:

                   OID:  Value:

                   OID:  Value:  <removed>

                   OID:  Value:  <removed>

                   OID:  Value:  313

                   OID:  Value:  Generic HTTP Monitor

                   OID:  Value:  APM: Component

                   OID:  Value:  436

                   OID:  Value:  Alert me when a component goes into Down state Generic HTTP Monitor is Unknown.

      The OID is known to spectrum based on the MIB found on the Polling server,  but I am unsure why the Trap starts with Trap Type It is not defined in the MIB on the Poller.  Is there another MIB I need to supply to the Spectrum server, or a way to strip out that detail and supply only Trap var bind data within the trap?