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    Enterasys and Nortel switches

      Can MIBS from these 2 switches be imported to Engineer's Toolset?  We use ER16's (Enterasys) as our core router and either Enterasys or Nortel switches at our edge.  When I run Network Mapper, I can see the MAC address of devices at the switch port level but cannot get the IP address of the port device.  I'm getting a message Unable to collect ARP Table from my core router. 

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          delucad - By "network mapper" do you mean the Switch Port Mapper? 

          If so, and you are unable to get layer 3 data out of the router, you should check to see if it supports the ARP MIB: 


          You can easily verify this by using the SNMP MIB Browser in the Engineer's Toolset.

          If you cannot get this MIB from the device, double check basic SNMP connectivity, IE, make sure you have SNMP enabled on the router, and are using the correct community string, and try to get something from the System MIB, in case there are view restrictions preventing you from getting the ARP table.