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    Animated gif for linked backgrounds?


      We have some important animated gifs that we would like to have as linked backgrounds, it seems this feature isn't supported am I right, will it be in the future?  If I link the background to an animated url it makes it static as if it's a jpeg only.



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          You are correct, animated images are not supported currently.  It is an idea we have defined in the system, so I will append your name to the request.

          Just out of curiosity, what are these images showing?

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              Great! well a couple of reasons really, one would be for weather satellite gifs, as they show weather over the next few hours, we have equipment that can have issues when the weather is bad etc, what a great idea to have this as a linked background and equipment in the geographical areas.

              The other is really important I think too, we have many maps, and server room plans and racks, we show green for up and red for down on devices, may users can't see these symbols (even the ones I've made) when there is an issue (the do get emails)and the first thing customers and users ask for are animated alerts, so a devices is down and this will be flashing and very visable.

              Are flashing symbols on the futures feature lists?

              I'm still in urgent need for UnPD to be displayed on Network maps, has to happen!  I have so many custom UnDP's and none can be displayed onto maps, for example in server rooms and data centers (visio diagrams) we have the air con systems and I want to display their temp on the maps as green or red, I have maps for the rear of server racks and I want my UnPD to show the PSU's as green or red, In the front of servers I want to show the disks as green for good and red for disk failure, I have all this info ready and I have all the WMF images ready to overlay my maps etc for when this happens.

              I'll stop now as I get excited and could go on and on :)

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                  Ah ok, another workaround could be displaying the next x hours forecast as a custom html resource.  

                  So how come users can't see the symbols, do you have color blind users?

                  Agree on UnDP and high on my list :)

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                      1. I will try that

                      2. ha ha, one is colour blind yes (red and green yikes), as most of these maps etc are on big screens from a distance you can see a flashing icon much easier than a red, green, amber icon, you tend to focus on that straight away.

                      3. We have to use firefox to rotate maps, what would be great would be to be able to have a selection of maps rotate every 10 seconds for example, it would look so good if you had all you usual resource columns stay where they are, but your map rotating between different server rooms, or satellite maps.