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    Polling Engine STUCK Building Network Model... (aka Polling Engine is Building  Network Model...)


      Unable to get into System Manager, the Polling Engines are not/wont run either.  HELP!!   Installation of NPM 9.5 SP 4  is not working correctly. When I try to login to the System Manager the application does not ever finish loading. The small orange start up window for NPM/Orion appears, and there's a  message   in it that says:

        "Polling Engine is Building Network Model..."

      while a  percentage % bar scrolls at the top going from 0 slowly to 100 (takes about 10  mins), at the end of which it goes BACK to  ZERO, and back to doing the whole process again.... and again.......sigh.... and again  in what seems to be an endless loop of the "Polling Engine is Building Network  Model...".   System Manager seems STUCK building network models.

      Not getting any alerts either, subsequently discovered polling engine is not running.... and while the website continues to work, there is no data (since it broke until now, about 24 hours ago).   So NPM is down as far as I can  tell, not working at all as expected. I upgraded to SP5, but still the same  behaviour.    I contacted support, they sent back the below scripted procedure:


      Thanks for contacting Solarwinds support
      Please use the LOCAL MACHINE adminstrator account to run the repair steps below.
      Kindly note that using Domain account with local admin rights to the machine may not have the full rights to the machine.

      Please download the latest orion 9.5 installer from the customer portal
      I need you to go to Orion service manager to shutdown all services.
      Then run the latest installer downloaded and select repair eventually.
      If you have error stating the netperfmon service did not start or stop at specific time interval.
      Redo the repair steps
      Open up your task manager. Ensure the netperfmon.exe is not running until the configuration wizards prompts for restarting the services. You may need to manually kill the process from the task manager multiple times in this process
      Finally, please download the service pack 5
      Again here , you may need to kill the process to get the configuration wizard success completely without error

      Let us know if further help is still required.

      So, the exact procedure was followed as described in support's mail.  After the  Repair, reboot, reinstall of SP5, reboot, the issue still happens:    when trying to start the  System Manger the orange pop-up sits telling me Orion's "Polling Engine is Buiding Network  Model...".  Goes to 100%, then starts over, and over, back to the same thing. Arrghh...


      Any ideas anyone?  Thanks  :)

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          UPDATE:  The issue seems to be with the database, according to support.   NPM does not like something about the database, specifically support is looking at the nodes and interfaces tables.  I have a total of about 710 nodes and about 2500 interfaces being monitored.  Support says that there should not be zeros in some of the columns related to buffer misses or errors.   The issue remains unresolved, though we were able to provisionally get the system up and running before the holiday on an database altered by support, the polling service crashes once every two minutes, and there are issues with the solarwinds.businesslayerhost.exe and some system.data.sqlclient.sql error on the Event Logs.  

          If anyone is experiencing similar issues with their NPM system I would appreciate hearing how you resolved them.   Thanks.