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    Bulk Import NPM Users


      Greetings Everyone.  I'm hoping I have what is a simple problem.

      I've just stood up a new NPM 9.5 SP4 box to replace our previous infrastructure (9.0 SP?) and I'm now creating the user accounts.  I got myself in without incident and added the other people on my team, but I wanted to set it up so that all of IT could have *some* access to this valuable resource.

      As it stands, I can get people in with the AD authentication (after turning on Windows Integrated Authorization on the web site), however, we have over 180 people in IT.  I obviously don't want to import each of them by hand (read painful for fingers).

      Is there a way to do a bulk import?  I've already got the people in DOMAIN\Username format in a spreadsheet and am comfortable running SQL queries to do the work if I can.