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    SNMP Fields to be available for ICMP polled devices

      Currently we have many 3rd party managed devices (routers, etc) which we have no admin access to and so cannot configure their SNMP settings.  Therefore, these devices are polled via ICMP only and listed as 'Unknown' in NPM.  In order that they would be listed under the correct Vendor, I manually updated the 'Vendor' field in the SQL Nodes table and hey presto the devices were listed under Cisco.  However, after a few minutes (after the next poll to be exact) they all reverted to the 'Unknown' category again.

      A support call to Solarwinds explained that the SNMP fields could not be used for ICMP nodes and I must create a custom field of say Brand and group my nodes under that.  However, as I pointed out I would then need to edit all the nodes in NPM with their correct 'Brand' value and not just the ICMP ones.

      Therefore, I would like to request that SNMP fields are able to be manually edited and used for non SNMP devices and that these manual entries are not overwritten by the polling engine.