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    Secure Access to Orion NPM


      Is there a way to enable and  only permit https access to Orion NPM rather than clear-text html?

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          Yes you can, please see the Admin guide here for more info and I copied the text from there below here

          Enabling Secure Channels with SSL

          Orion NPM supports the use of Secure Sockets Layer certificates to enable secure communications with the Orion Web Console. The following procedure enables SSL connections to the Orion Web Console.


          Secure SSL communications are conducted over port 443.

          The following procedure does not detail the process of either obtaining a required certificate or generating a certificate signing request for a third-party certificate authority. It is assumed that the required SSL certificate has already been installed on your Orion NPM server. For more information about acquiring and installing a required server certificate for SSL communications, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/298805, from which the following procedure was adapted.

          To enforce SSL connections to the Orion Web Console:

          1. Log on as an administrator to your Orion NPM server.

          2. Click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.

          3. Expand Services and Applications > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager > Web Sites.

          4. Click SolarWinds NetPerfMon.

          5. Click Action > Properties.

          6. Click the Web Site tab.

          7. Confirm that SSL port is set to 443.

          8. Click Apply.

          9. Click Advanced.

          10. If the Multiple SSL identities for this Web site field does not list the IP address for the Orion Web Console with SSL port 443, complete the following steps.

          a. Click Add, and then select the IP address of the Orion Web Console.

          Note: As it was set initially in the Configuration Wizard, this option is usually set to (All Unassigned). If the IP address of the Orion Web Console was not initially set to (All Unassigned), select the actual, configured IP address of the Orion Web Console.

          b. Type 443 as the TCP port, and then click OK.

          11. Click the Directory Security tab.

          Installing SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor    21

          12. Click Edit in the Secure communications section.

          13. Check Require secure channel (SSL).

          14. Select Accept client certificates in the Client certificates area.

          15. Click OK on the Secure Communications window.

          16. Click Apply, and then click OK to exit.

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              for who are using win server 2008

              Click start menu -- control panel
              administrative tool -- server manager -- role -- web server iis manger - website
              (the shortest one.. click start menu-- run -- and type inetmgr in dialog box
              click Solarwind NetPerfMon
              click binding (on the right panel)
              add binding site and select https as type
              (if you want only https, delete http)
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                  Yes you can configure HTTPS,
                  But be aware that if your organisation uses Internet Explorer (mine does), you will get an annoying popup because the html references mixed content (http and https).

                  I have had a case open about this since NPM 10 was launched if any SW staff are interested (#162637). I didn't have this issue in NPM 9.5 SP5..