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    Better Support Ticket System

      This feature request has already been submitted to the Solarwinds Support, however, on recommendation of Solarwinds, they asked me to also put the request in here.


      Creating a support ticket using the current system takes a bit long and every time, you have to fill in the form fields. Surely there must be something that most of these fields can already be automatically filled in for us. Like the serial number, customer ID, e-mail address, application and things like that. It takes a long time finding this information again every time we need to create a ticket. This should be simplified.

      Also after creating a ticket we cannot get a summary of that ticket using the website. It would be handy if can also view the tickets online on the website including all the answers and solutions that go through that current case. This would be very handy.

      Hopefully the above feature requests will be taken into consideration.


      Thank you Solarwinds!

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          Andy McBride

          Thanks for the frank feedback. This is how we know where we need to improve. We will consider this enhancement to the ticket system.

          I use the Google toolbar auto fill option which recognizes forms I have already filled out and auto fills the fields it can. Saves a lot of time.


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              Well I am not really too found of Google Toolbar since it also comes with other things and features that I don't need.

              How ever, I might give it a try and see how it behaves. But using Google Toolbar only for Solarwinds would be a bit pointless in my opinion ;-).

              Anyway, I am glad my requests are taken into consideration for the next update for the ticket system. Hope to see some improvements!

              Thank you!

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              that would definitely be good..

              installing google toolbar or such isnt an option for a lot of companies with strict policies as to what is allowed to be installed...


              I also think the ticket system has to be improved!

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                  We use leapfile for the diagnostic files since they can be large and would be stripped out of email.  If you think the diagnostics would be helpful for your case, you can tell the support rep in the initial support request that you’ve uploaded the diagnostics to leapfile.  Just make sure you include the case number in the subject line when you post them to leapfile.