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    Kiwi CatTools 3.4 License issue


      My Company uses an unlicensed Kiwi Cattools software.

      I want to make them stop using the unlicensed one and use the free KIWI CatTools that can manage 20 devices.


      so i try to uninstall our unlicensed KIWI and install the free kIWI 3.4 and then i get an error about the license.

      it looks like the new KIWI is install correctly but it try to use the old license so it failed (because the old licene does not suit for KIWI 3.4)

      after un installing the old KIWI i deleted all registry keys i found and the lefovers files and folders in "Program Files" but still it looks like the license is saved somewhere.

      how i can delete the old unlicensed license so i'll be able to use the FREE KIWI CatTools 3.4?!