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    Ping wildcarding


      I previsouly posted this about Orion's discovery engine but it really should be an improvement to ping sweep (toolset) as well.

      Need a way to ping specific addresses across subnets.  To locate servers that all have the same IP address in different class B subnets.

      WebServer - 10.{site}.2.11

      To find all WebServers installed at sites, I currently have to ping sweep from to  Very time consuming and inefficient.

      All I really want to do is ping sweep from to while changing only the second octet.

      Or 10.*.2.11 would be ok.

      Or configure it like Cisco Access Lists, that would be more powerful.

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          Wildcards are not supported in current version of Discovery. There is only option to create text file that contains all IP’s and use Bulk Upload selection method like:

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            We currently don't support wild carding in discovery, only workaround I can think of is take the first address in a wordpad and do a find-replace up to where you want to discover through and then paste them into the bulk upload section of discovery

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                The same thing can be done easily with Excel.  I've done it a lot that way.  Create a list of what you need and then save it as a text file.  With a little tweaking, you can create these kinds of lists very quickly.