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    Orion 8.5 netflow 2.2 to Orion 9.5 Netflow 3.5 upgrade



      I am in the process of migration our Orion 8.5 installation to a new 9.5 installation.  I would like to export the database from 8.5 and then import them into 9.5.  The problem is that we have netflow 2.2 on the 8.5 installation and 3.5 on the 9.5 installation.  According to support we need to do the following steps.

      1. upgrade NetFlow (NF) 2.2 to NF 3.0 on Orion 8.5
      2. backup the database from the Orion 8.5
      3. uninstall Orion 9.5 on our new server
      4. install Orion 9.1 on our new server
      5. install the database backup on the new server
      6. point Orion 9.1 to the new database
      7. install NF3.1 sp2 on the new server
      8. upgrade 9.1 to 9.5 on the new server
      9. install NF3.5 on the new server

      Does anyone know of a less convoluted process?



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          Andy McBride

          I would not recommend diverging from the method above. There are database schema changes in the upgrades which require that order.

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            I just want to second what Andy has suggested above. It is a bit 'convoluted', but it is the best way to ensure that essential NTA database schema updates are applied as needed.

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              What is the major benefit in upgrading from 2.2 to 3.0 for NetFlow?  Also what kind of time frame should I plan for this upgrade?


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                  Orion NTA upgrade installs are pretty quick. As you get past 3.0, however, depending on the size of your database, required database schema changes intended to optimize performance may take a while.

                  The following feature information is available in the Orion NTA Release Notes:

                       New Features in this Version (3.5)      

                       Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version 3.5 includes the following new features:      

                  • Class-based Quality of Service Resources- New resources for monitoring and reporting class-based quality of service (CBQoS) policies and metrics enable you to quickly see how your enabled CBQoS policies are handling traffic on your network.
                  • Optional Ingress- and Egress-specific Monitoring- Monitor and display statistics for all traffic either entering any interface (ingress), exiting any interface (egress), or both entering and exiting any interface.
                  • IP Flow Information Export Support- Orion NTA now supports monitoring devices using the developing IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX) standard for traffic analysis.
                  • Unmonitored Ports Information - This version of Orion NTA provides additional data about unmonitored ports and applications.
                  • Enhanced Web Console Performance - Additional options related to DNS resolution in Orion NTA resources can improve overall web console performance.
                  • Flow Collection on Multiple Ports - Orion NTA now supports the collection of Flow records on multiple ports.

                       Features in Previous Versions      

                       Previous versions of Orion NTA included the following features:      

                       Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version 3.1:      

                  • Flow Sources May be Added Automatically- This version of Orion NTA provides the option to automatically add Flow source devices if they are already monitored by Orion NPM.
                  • Accelerated Resource, View, Chart, and Graph Creation- By default, resources in previous versions of Orion NTA displayed data for the last 2 hours, and this default was not configurable. Now you can set the default resource data period to help accelerate resource and view loading as shorter data periods will result in faster chart and graph creation.
                  • Scheduled Database Maintenance- Orion NTA allows you to minimize unnecessary memory usage by scheduling the time, frequency, and type of database maintenance for optimal performance.
                  • Database Size Management- It is possible that Flow-enabled network devices may send data for traffic on ports that are not actually monitored by Orion NTA. With this version, you can free up valuable space in your database for the Flow data you really need by choosing to ignore traffic data from unmonitored ports.

                       Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer version 3.0:      

                  • QoS Performance Views- Easily view network traffic segmented by Class of Service methods such as Type of Service or DSCP. Quantify and visualize the amount of traffic each of your Quality of Service (QoS) levels is consuming including voice and video data.
                  • Personalized Traffic Views- Create and access personalized views by filtering NetFlow information for specific details such as domain traffic generated during standard office hours (8-5p) from a specific IP address excluding application data on port 514.
                  • Additional flow support is now available for:
                    • NetFlow v9
                    • sFlow v5
                    • J-Flow
                  • Port Application Grouping - Assign an application which uses several network ports to a group to gauge performance for an application.
                  • Network-wide resources are now available- Top XX Applications, Conversations, Endpoints, Types of Service, Transmitters, Receivers, Protocols, Countries, and IP Address Groups have all been added.
                  • Fully integrated NetFlow resources within Orion views - NetFlow resources can easily be added to Orion views automatically.
                  • Immediate DNS Lookup - You can now perform a quick manual DNS lookup when the scheduled DNS update feature has not updated yet.
                  • Search for IP address ranges - The ability to search for IP address ranges is now available using the Search IP feature.
                  • New Resource - Top XX NetFlow Source by % Utilization resource has been added.