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    WMI Monitor does not reestablish failed WMI query?

      I have WMI Monitor configured to view a WMI counter that is published only when an application is running.

      I can stop and restart the application between WMI Monitor queries and the WMI Monitor will continue without a problem.

      If I stop the application, the WMI Monitor queries the entry and fails with color gray indicating"Query Failed" and "No result available for this WMI counter."  When I restart the application, the WMI Monitor displays the same error message, but the indicator goes from gray to red.  If I stop the application, the indicator goes back to gray.

      If I open the config window and click "OK", the WMI Counter is again reported.

      My Browsed Template WQL query is "SELECT data FROM InstanceData"

      where InstanceData is published (and revoked) to WMI from the application, and data is a integer value.

      Why does WMI Monitor not not reestablish the WMI Counter when it becomes available?  Is this a WMI Monitor software defect?  

      Is this how Orion behaves?