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    Help with Advance Alert for Volume Utilization


      I have read through a few of the previously posts similar to this but have not found a working solution - yet.

      Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

      What I am trying to acheive is the following:
      Monitor Fixed Disk volumes for percent used.
      Trigger an alert if it is between 90 and 95%
      Trigger another alert if it is between 95 and 99%
      Trigger another alert if is is over 99%

      The problem is that if a volume is over 95% I am getting alerts for the first and second alerts as well if it is over 99% then I am getting all 3.

      I have tried to do supression but for some reason it surpresses all.

      I have also tried to do some conditional in the triggers but can't find the "right combination".

      Help please!