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    Feature request - Log watcher


      Hi there,

      It is become of increasingly high importance to be able to monitor error messages which appear in log files, similar to the event log watcher for windows. We want to be able to connect to standard plain text log files in windows and unix. Is this on the pipeline? What can we do to get this put in a future release?


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          Chris, can you give me some specifics into a file you want APM to scan (and why)?

          It helps to take something you currently have, and give us the expected outcome. Otherwise, we run the risk of honoring your feature request ... and miss a key detail for your environment.

          So, I'll give you an example from my book. Here's an example scenario that may be close (maybe not):

          "We just rolled out a new website format. We believe we got redirects on all the old links, but there may be some we don't know about. I don't want to spend my time forever watching the log files, so I want to get an idea of how many 404s I get on this specific IIS website... then investigate as needed. Some 404s are ligitimate and I want to be able to mask them out."


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            Chrissmail, I believe the feature you're looking for was released as an application template on Thwack. Below are links to the Linux/Unix and Windows Log Parser Application Templates.

            Log Parser (Perl)

            Log Parser (PowerShell)