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    Node name is now blank in Orion System Manager

      We are on Orion 8.5.1.  All of a sudden, and with no changes made, one Windows node has had its node name wiped clear.  The node now appears at the top of the node list with nothing displayed after its Windows icon.  Attempts to rename the node seem to work, as the server name will populate beside its Windows icon, but the node name field in the node details will always remain blank.  Also, restarting Orion System Manager will reveal that the rename does not stick, and the node will revert to have nothing displayed after its Windows icon.  The only other inconsistency that I notice between this node and other "working" nodes, is that the reverse DNS field for the problem node will have its FQDN name rather than its netbios name (all other nodes reverse DNS field is in netbios format and not FQDN).

      I'm aware that deleting and rediscovering the node may resolve this issue, but we are not interested in losing historical data for this node.