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    NPM Website


      I've just installed NPM on a fresh 2008 VM and SQL on a 2008 server with no devices added and when I opened the website for the first time it took probably 10 - 20 seconds to show the login prompt, but everytime after the initial load it loaded within a second or so. This also occurs when I shutdown and restart.

      Is the website doing some sort of caching as I don't remember it being like this when I installed v8 or whenever we've upgrade in the past?



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          Mark Roberts

          Hi Jon

          This is to do with IIS and .Net web apps. When you first hit a .net webpage (.aspx) IIS needs to compile that application into an application pool. So it is this initial compile of the application that is adding the extra time.

          Note: After 2 hours of the application being inactive, i.e. none of the web pages being request it will drop out and upon first page request will need to compile, so this is why you may see if being slow at the start of the day.

          Nothing to be concerned with, default behaviour. It is possible to change the timeout values etc. if required.